A board evaluation and executive coaching practice built on:

  • wisdom

our work is built on lived experience

  • credibility

proven knowledge and understanding, having walked in our client’s shoes

  • honesty

we speak truth to power, we don’t do things we don’t believe in or seek to please

  • discretion

we don’t talk about who we work for. When handling sensitive information and emotions, confidentiality is of utmost importance





what we do

Board and Executive Practice

The Magokoro Practice supports and evolves the work of boards and leaders. Specifically, board evaluation and executive coaching form the foundation of the Practice. With decades of experience across governance, risk, culture and change, an understanding of people sits at the heart of every engagement.

The Magokoro Practice is founded by Michaela Healey, an experienced director and senior executive in top tier companies across a diverse range of industries. During her executive career and over 20 years in roles in boardrooms, Michaela has dealt with many demanding leadership and commercial issues and experienced a wide range of reputational, governance and industry challenges.


Through working and collaborating, we continue to evolve.

“I have been sceptical of the value of board performance reviews and was persuaded by members of the board to retain Michaela to work with us this year.  The review she provided was definitely not a “tick a box” exercise.  The directors and CEO valued the opportunity for individual feedback and her insights and recommendations really hit the mark. She was clear and honest in her assessment.  I appreciated the fresh perspectives that have helped refocus my leadership and the board.”


“As a director who had pushed for an independent review of the Board I was delighted with the experience we had in working with Michaela on our board review this year.  She clearly understood the context we were in and her credentials and approach won the respect of the directors.  I really appreciated her honesty and feedback in her individual session with me which will help me shape my contribution to the board.”   

Non-executive Director

“Most board reviews are time consuming and don’t really achieve anything other than confirming what the directors want to hear.  Michaela was really honest in her assessment and whilst some of what she shared was hard to hear it has enabled the board and management team to work much better together.”


“We have had many external board reviews but it was really refreshing to work with Michaela.  She was a pleasure to deal with and really understands how boards and companies work. She got to the heart of the challenges we need to deal with and identified issues that our Board had not been facing into.  I gained a lot of practical benefits from her governance and leadership experience and learnt from her insights on working with directors, my CEO and our executive team.”

Company Secretary

“In working with Michaela as my coach I gained new perspectives on my leadership impact and increased my confidence and calm.”


“The feedback obtained through working with Michaela as an executive coach was confronting at first but has certainly led to me lifting my game. My team, peers and directors have noticed the difference in my approach and I have a better sense of how to make the most of my role.”

Executive General Manager

Since retiring in 2016 from her role as a member of the Group Executive at the National Australia Bank, Michaela has been utilising her experience in governance, communications, human resources and leadership in board reviews, coaching and mentoring.

The Magokoro Practice has been commissioned to work with boards and senior executives across a diverse range of industries including telecommunications, mining, financial services, healthcare, infrastructure, retail, property and consumer goods and services.


Board Performance


Michaela’s legal background and experience in corporate affairs and highly regulated industries enable her to understand the care that needs to be taken in any engagement.  She comprehends the pressures on Boards and senior executives and the importance of adapting to changing circumstances and expectations.


Executive Coaching


Michaela has a proven track record in stakeholder engagement, achievement of improved outcomes, performance alignment and cultural change backed by a commitment to driving sustainable financial results and improved social outcomes.  She works with leaders to enable them to adapt, grow and engage in a way that is sustainable and impactful.



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